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Relationship between SHINEE MINHO and KIM GO EUN photo


In the upcoming movie "Canola", SHINee Minho plays the love interest of Kim Go Eun, who plays the main character.

On 2 may, the directors and cast of "Canola" carried out a live broadcast through Naver V app to talk about his new film. The film features Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Won Hee and Shin Eun Jung, as well as Minho and Kim Go Eun.

The director said: "is a youthful romance. The day that Minho and Kim Go Eun filmed, the female staff was very excited. It feels like a new twist on the genre".

When asked to Go Eun Kim about the love affair in the movie, she replied: "I think that they may have expectations for it".
Minho was asked if the two shared a kiss scene. "You can find out in the cinema," he said shyly.

"Canola" will premiere in cinemas in Korea on May 19 and tells the story of a granddaughter (Kim Go Eun) who returns home from her grandmother (Yoon Yeo Jung) after a mysterious twelve years.

G.Soul prepares his return for may


The talented singer/songwriter G.Soul, is preparing to make his return this month.

On 3 may, a JYP Entertainment representative told the press: "G.Soul is preparing for his return with the aim of being in this month. "Still we have not planned anything in particular".

Prior to this, G.Soul updated his personal Instagram account with an image accompanied by the title: "new music very soon, are you ready?".

The latest release of G.Soul was a collaboration with San E's Brand New Music which was unveiled in mid-February, but it seems that we can hear more than his incredible music in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, also revealed on April 30 to G.Soul, Park Jin Young, Min Hyo Rin and Jo Kwon would appear as special guests on the next episode of Radio Star.

The idols Sunny and Hyoyeon Girls' Generation, will be presented in new program


Sunny and Hyoyeon Girls' Generation will be representing Korea in an upcoming variety show entitled "Star Advent".

According to reports, they will form one of the teams in the program. The co-production between China and Korea, will be presented by the ex-conductores of "Star King", Leeteuk of Super Junior and Kang Ha Dong.

"Star Advent" will be a total of 12 Chinese and Korean celebrities while they experience the working life as workers of office in a foreign country and try to overcome cultural differences. Six Korean stars will begin to work in Chinese companies and vice versa.

Production will begin a session of preparation in Korea on 11 may, while expected the program to be released on July 9 through Shandong TV in China.